Understanding Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a way of helping the body and mind to feel better by using the energy around each of us.  It helps clear blockages or imbalances in a person’s energy field.

Science still doesn’t fully understand how this works but are studying it.  In fact some hospitals now have hands on healers at the patients request.  Think about prayers, how many stories have you heard where the doctors have said it’s hopeless, call the family in for last goodbye’s….but a prayer chain has been instated and they made ‘a miraculous recovery’.  Those prayers were directed energy healing.  The Noetic Institute has been studying energy healing as well as psychic phenomenon for years.

We have all heard of music therapy (that’s energy healing, it’s vibrational}, Reiki, Acupuncture, Chinese Meridian Therapy, Chakras, Meditation, etc.  These are all forms of Energy Healing.

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt uncomfortable? You just experienced the energy of that space.  How about meeting someone new and you felt happy/sad/angry/uncomfortable/ or just unsure about them?  You are reacting to the energy they are projecting.

Energy never goes away; it can only change.  It’s all about how energy vibrates. When someone passes away we say they went to heaven.  Their physical body is still here; their energetic body departed.

Remote Healing Energy or Image Infused Energy is a technique where an energy healer can send the energy to a person, animal, or even a situation from a distance or have the energy emit from an image.  It works on the principle that energy is not limited by time or space….it is everywhere and can be directed to a place or specific item.

As an artist transmitting Healing Energy into the artwork, I am using my body as a conduit (sort of like an antenna) to transfer healing and positive energy into each image by connecting to my source which you may call God, Source, Universe, Angel, Divine Energy, whatever fits with your beliefs.  I ask that the energy travel down my arm into the brush, asking that each brushstroke bring Healing Energy.

I don’t always know what image will manifest until I’m about 3/4 finished with the painting.  My images have been reviewed by several energy practioneers and they have been amazed at how much energy is emanating from them.  Currently I have paintings in dental offices as well as chiropractic spaces.

I’ve also learned that Healing Energy goes where it is needed most, it will address the most pressing issue first. For example, we may have a rash that we want healed, but the universe knows we have a kidney problem (before we knew or had symptoms), the kidney will receive first attention.


Energy Healing should NOT be used as a replacement for medical care!  It should be used as an adjunct to your medical care, just as you would use meditation, or other alternative healing modalities.