About the Artist

Theresa is a self-taught artist whose passion is to create beautiful, inspiring images infused with Healing Energy.

Over the years Theresa has developed her own style to create stunning works of art.  Her pieces are teeming with a sense of joy, spirituality, and Healing Energy, reflecting her deep connection to the natural world and her own spirituality.

It has been a long road to recognize this connection to her innate healing energy.

In 2008 Theresa was diagnosed with cancer, her story is rather remarkable.  Doctors told her after her first surgery that it would be 12 to 18 months before she would be able to return to work.  She told them “Watch Me”.  She was back part-time in 3 months, full-time in 5.  See, she owned her own business, the doctors’ message was unacceptable. 

Here's her story of how she handled everything.

My way of dealing with this horrible disease was to allow myself to have my fear, anger, and pity party, but I didn’t like how I felt.  So, for every minute I spent on those real emotions, I forced myself to spend equal time on something that made me happy.  Some days the energy level only allowed for looking at pictures or listening to uplifting music.  After a short time, I was spending more happy time and less sad, angry time because it resonated with my heart and soul.  Little did I know that I was channeling Healing Energy.

During my recovery and multiple surgeries, etc., I was also part-time caregiver to family members: MIL: Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s, Dad with Parkinson’s & several strokes, Mom with stroke induced Dementia.  My husband was diagnosed with Dementia, and I was his sole caregiver for many years.  All are now deceased.  All of them, along with my dog in a 4-year period.  This was a very difficult period of my life. I was blessed with many friends & family members who were so supportive and helpful.  I am very grateful that I was able to help these beloved family members.

After the death of her husband, Theresa moved from Ohio to South Carolina, met a Naturopath and a Spiritual Teacher who informed her that she was a ‘natural, strong healer’.  She then started studying how healing energy works and how to infuse it into her art so she could share with others.
With every brushstroke she continues to create beautiful, inspiring, healing pieces that touch the hearts and souls of all who view them.

Despite having no formal training in art, her work is celebrated by collectors and art enthusiasts around the world.


      Her Original works are currently shown at the following Galleries:

Art League of Hilton Head,    14 Shelter Cove Ln.,  Hilton Head Island, SC 

Beaufort Art Association,   913 Bay St.,   Beaufort, SC

Society of Bluffton Artists,    6 Church St.,    Bluffton, SC