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If you receive a defective product you must contact me within 3 business days after delivery. The product will be replaced. If you have received damaged goods caused by the shipping company you will have to contact them as well. I have no control over shipping. However I will work with you to resolve the problem. Other issues please contact me and I will do whatever I can to make it right. If your items are lost I'll work with you and shipper to resolve. Stolen items, I really have no control over. However, if you send me a copy of police report I'll replace item at reduced cost to you.

You will need to send me a picture of damaged/defective items along with picture of packaging.

My goal is to have happy interactions with everyone.


My husband and I purchased a painting from Theresa, we were so happy with her work we commissioned a larger piece and are thrilled. We are so excited to see her offer her images in other formats so many others can enjoy the energy change in their lives as well. Kathy A.

Theresa is a talented and gifted artist who incorporates her artistic abilities with her ability to infuse Healing Energy to create beautiful artwork to touch the soul.  She is an amazing artist who has made a commitment to infuse her artwork with her Healing Energy in every brush stroke.  Her palette is always carefully selected to incorporate this Healing Energy.  You will find her to be one of the most promising and diverse artists in the Bluffton SC art community. You may either purchase one of her originals or to keep her art forefront for those on a limited budget she is offering reproductions.  I’m sure you will find something that touches your soul and enhances your décor.  If you purchase one of her original works you will find it to be a worthwhile investment. Theresais an inspiration to me as a fellow artist and as a friend.   Pauline W.